Village of Biscayne Park Partners With Helium Mobile

The Village of Biscayne Park recently transitioned their city phone plans to a new carrier, Helium Mobile, while also blanketing their community in network coverage with Hotspots. Read more about the exciting partnership.

Village of Biscayne Park Partners With Helium Mobile

In the heart of Miami-Dade County, Florida lies a quaint community with a population of approximately 3,000 residents, squeezed into less than one square mile. This is the Village of Biscayne Park, a unique haven characterized by single-family residences, a handful of duplexes, and an absence of any commercial establishment. 

What truly sets this village apart is its remarkable achievement of maintaining a crime-free environment despite being surrounded by neighborhoods with contrasting statistics. With limited infrastructure like sidewalks and streetlights, the village has become accustomed to thinking differently about its municipal services, pushing the boundaries of conventional city planning.

Recently, the Village of Biscayne Park pushed this innovation further by transitioning city phone plans to a new carrier, Helium Mobile, while also blanketing their community in network coverage with Helium Mobile Hotspots. 

In an exciting interview, we delved into the motivations and aspirations behind this decision.

Discovery and Decision Making

Chris Truitt, the village manager of Biscayne Park, has long been fascinated by emerging technologies, one such technology being the Helium Network. He was immediately interested when Helium Mobile entered the scene. Recognizing the potential benefits, Chris wasted no time in reaching out to explore the possibilities for the Village of Biscayne Park.

The decision to partner with Helium Mobile stemmed primarily from financial considerations. With the village spending a hefty $2,500 per month on their employee phone plans, the prospect of saving upwards of $2,000 monthly was too enticing to ignore. 

Providing Coverage for First Responders

In hurricane-prone Florida, it is crucial that first responders maintain cellular connectivity to ensure proper communication and quick decision making. The resilience and decentralization offered by a Helium Mobile subscription coupled with coverage created by Helium Mobile Hotspots proved to be a compelling alternative to the conventional technology solutions the village had been using. In the face of natural disasters like hurricanes, where cell towers succumb well before standard internet connection, the village saw the potential for Helium Mobile Hotspots to provide a more robust communication network, enhancing the safety of first responders and the overall community.

The Ideal Choice for Innovation

For the Village of Biscayne Park, Helium Mobile emerged as the ideal choice, not only for its cost-effectiveness, but also for its alignment with the village's ethos of innovation. The substantial monthly savings realized by switching to Helium Mobile can now be redirected towards enhancing various aspects of community life. Moreover, the village sees this transition as an opportunity to educate and engage its residents in embracing new technologies for collective benefit.

Village Vision: A Look Ahead At What’s Next

The village’s transition to Helium Mobile is being piloted by administrative staff, the clerk's office, and code enforcement personnel. This approach is designed to ensure maximum stability before expanding to commissioners and police officers, who are vital stakeholders in the village. Additional plans are underway to power Hotspots with generators during emergencies, further bolstering the resilience of the communication infrastructure.

Looking ahead, the Village of Biscayne Park envisions a future where the entire community is covered by Hotspots. Once each manager is onboarded, the village aims to enhance its communication capabilities, particularly during times of crisis. By leveraging Helium Mobile's innovative solutions, the village not only seeks to save costs, but also to improve the overall well-being and safety of its residents.

Connecting Your Community

In the Village of Biscayne Park, the journey towards progress is not just about embracing change—it's about leading it. With Helium Mobile by their side, they're pioneering a new era of connectivity, one Hotspot at a time.

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