Announcing Group Plans: Share Affordable Helium Mobile Service With The Family You Choose

Helium Mobile launches Group Plans at $20 per line with unlimited talk, text, and data.

Announcing Group Plans: Share Affordable Helium Mobile Service With The Family You Choose
Helium Mobile Group Plans

In another move to democratize wireless services, today Helium Mobile announced the launch of group plans priced at $20 per line, offering unlimited talk, text, and data for groups nationwide. Group plans will make it easier for more Americans to save on their phone bills and further our goal of providing affordable, user-friendly solutions for friends, families, and businesses.

Most Americans are part of a multi-line wireless plan, whether it's a family plan, bundle, or group plan. Unfortunately, the biggest wireless providers that control these subscriptions and networks often charge exorbitant fees to groups. Costs can vary depending on the size of the group and individual and group data allotments, making shared plan holders tied to each other’s total data use. According to a 2023 report by online billing aggregator dexo, the average American household spends approximately $1,300 a year on cell phone service, making it one of the largest monthly expenses for families along with electricity, water, and internet bills.

Helium Mobile’s group plans are changing the dynamic of what it means for families and friends to share a cellphone bill. With Helium Mobile, group members can all enjoy unlimited data, talk, and text, plus the benefits of our affordable nationwide plans for the same $20 per line monthly cost, while simplifying billing through one member of the group. That adds up to major savings for more of your chosen family and friends, and means everyone can enjoy ubiquitous connectivity to chat, send DMs, livestream, video chat, and more. Everyone deserves affordable, unlimited data. 

"In 2024, wireless customers are data consumers, and groups are no different. We listened to their needs and delivered a plan with unlimited data, talk, and text. While other companies get you on data, we get you. Period,” said Amir Haleem, CEO of Helium Mobile.  “Our $20 per line group plan represents a major step forward in our mission to empower individuals and communities through affordable wireless service. By offering group plans at a fair price, we are not only making connectivity more accessible but also enabling our customers to choose the group they want to be in, allowing individuals and businesses the opportunity to save significantly on their monthly bills."

Up to 8 Members - $20 per Month and No Data Sharing

Compared to big telecom companies, our group plans can lower costs for everyone, even small groups. An analysis by Android Authority showed that even lower-cost family and shared plans offered by major carriers fall short of Helium Mobile’s group plan. Major carrier family plans vary in cost depending on service level, data allotment, and number of lines, but for even the most cost-conscious plans a household four can expect to pay at least $40 per line with data limits. With Helium Mobile, group plans are $20 per person for unlimited data, talk and text. Your group size can be up to 8 people and receive the same great rate per line and no data-sharing, even if your group numbers change. Instead of big telco setting the terms, our customers decide who’s in, for however long they want with our no contract policy.

Even lower-cost carriers can’t beat Helium Mobile’s $20 per line value with unlimited data. In many cases, data is capped for groups and is shared by everyone on the plan, but not at Helium Mobile. Everyone on a Helium Mobile group plan has their own, unlimited data to enjoy every month. 

Businesses - $20 has you covered too

If you have more than 8 people in your group Helium Mobile has a solution for that, too. Pricy business plans for mobile phone service can place a major strain on company costs, with the small businesses who can least afford it suffering the most. A recent Samsung study showed that the average 250-employee company spends $42 per month per line for mobile voice and data. Business plans can average $30 to $100 per line per month, depending on plan type (from basic to enterprise and pro to unlimited), and often don’t offer the same flexibility or accessibility as our all-in-one plan. Helium Mobile's business plan always has the same $20 per line price point, eliminating the business over-a-barrel pricing that harms enterprises and allowing companies to save up to 50% more on corporate phone plans. 

In addition, typical group plans enable the administrator to see usage, call logs and all other information. Helium Mobile plans allow individual participants more privacy controls, so your administrator manages the billing but not your business.

Helium Mobile is revolutionizing the wireless industry through its community-built network. Now, with affordable group plans, more people can join the growing community. Group plan subscribers can participate in Discovery Mapping, earning rewards for helping build the network and improve coverage that can be used to pay for subscriptions, purchase phones, hotspots, and more.

It’s time for a new kind of wireless network—one that costs a fair price, delivers ubiquitous connectivity and unlimited service, and is built and controlled by the people who use it. This is what we’re building at Helium Mobile, and with Group Plans, it's never been easier for you and your chosen family to build with us.

To learn more about group plans, business plans, and our unlimited plan, visit

Group Plans - FAQs

How do I create a group plan?

$20 Unlimited subscribers can send an invite to a friend or your chosen family member to create a group. You will need to provide a valid email address for the person you wish to invite. When they accept, they’ll just need to create an account using their email, set a password, and provide their name and home address. Group members will not need to provide any payment. Once complete, they’ll be ready to get started with Helium Mobile.

*Subscribers on a promotion must wait for their promo to expire to participate in a Group plan. If you would like to end your promotion early to enroll in a Group plan, please contact support via in-app chat.

*Subscribers that have the Miami Pilot $5 plan will be eligible for group plans soon. Stay tuned for more info. 

How much is a subscription per line?

All subscribers get the same $20 Unlimited Plan, no matter the number of lines.  

How many people can I add to my group?

Including the group admin, groups can contain a maximum of 8 subscribers. So you can add up to 7 people. 

Need more than 8 lines? Contact our sales team.

Learn more at Group Plans. For additional questions visit our support center.

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