Helium Mobile: Building the Future of Mobile Networks

Helium Mobile: Building the Future of Mobile Networks
Helium Mobile Initiatives

As we enter the second half of 2024, we wanted to share about upcoming initiatives to help enable coverage and facilitate usage on the Helium Network.

This blog provides an overview of second half initiatives to achieve our vision of revolutionizing the future of people-built mobile networking.

In the second half, our priority is to enable the community to expand the Helium Network for mobile data offloading and to facilitate usage of that coverage by partnering with service providers and network aggregators. This allows the community to broaden the reach of the Helium Network and strengthen the power of the network for everyone involved.

The current mobile network landscape is characterized by rapidly increasing data demand, limited spectrum availability, and rising operational costs. Traditional mobile networks are struggling to keep up with this growing demand, leading to congestion and higher costs for both providers and consumers. 

There is an urgent need for innovative solutions that can provide seamless, cost-effective, and scalable connectivity.

We are pioneering a unique approach to reshaping mobile connectivity. Decentralized infrastructure is at the core of the Helium Network, enabling individuals and organizations to deploy Helium Mobile Hotspots to build a robust and expansive network. This approach not only reduces costs but also enhances coverage, especially in underserved and hard-to-connect areas.

To achieve these goals, we have several key initiatives planned for the second half of 2024:

Enabling Other Hardware Manufacturers

  • We are collaborating with other hardware manufacturers to produce Helium Network-compatible Hotspots, including technology licensing to accelerate development. This initiative will help diversify the number of available devices providing coverage and promote network expansion.

Partnering with Existing Wi-Fi Networks

  • By converting existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to Helium-compatible Hotspots, we enable others to easily join and expand the people-powered network.

Collaborations with Service Providers

  • We continue to work with service providers, like Telefónica, to offload mobile traffic and fill coverage gaps for their subscribers. This collaboration can provide increased opportunity for Helium Network builders, and also provides a cost-effective solution for our partners.

Working with Network Aggregators

  • We are teaming up with network aggregators to facilitate other service providers to leverage Helium Network coverage and make it a viable offload option for a wide range of users and partners.

DISCLAIMER: The intent of publicly sharing these planned enhancements is to provide transparency to the Helium community; however, it should not be interpreted as a commitment and is subject to change.

Helium Mobile Hotspots allow anyone to contribute to the network by providing coverage and earning rewards. Hotspots come in various models, including indoor and outdoor options, ensuring they can be deployed in diverse environments.

Planned updates:

  • Add POE injector to outdoor package
  • Ability to add wireless networks and customize settings (name, channel, band)

The Helium Mobile Builder App simplifies the process of deploying and managing Hotspots. It provides step-by-step guidance, making it easy for anyone to join the network. This user-friendly approach lowers the barrier to entry and helps accelerate Helium Network coverage.

Planned updates:

  • Reimagine onboarding experience to streamline Hotspot deployment
  • Greater visibility into metrics that impact coverage and data transmission rewards

Our dashboard offers real-time insights and analytics, allowing Hotspot owners to monitor their devices' performance and optimize their setup for maximum efficiency. This helps deployed ensure their network components remain reliable and effective, which enhances the reliability of the entire network. 

Planned updates:

  • Ability to perform bulk onboarding so Builders can deploy at scale
  • Additional fleet management capabilities including organizational tools and ability to generate reports

The Coverage Planner tool helps new and current Hotspot deployers identify optimal locations for their devices, targeting coverage gaps and maximizing the network's reach. This strategic planning helps the community create a comprehensive and reliable network.

Planned updates:

  • Bulk planning features and grouping of plans
  • More accurate planned deployment calculations
  • Simplified single layer view to determine best deployment locations

We’re on a mission to redefine mobile connectivity and help build a more connected, efficient, and accessible future. We invite the Helium community, potential Hotspot deployers, service providers, and others to join this exciting journey.

Together, we can build a network that not only meets the demands of today but also anticipates the needs of tomorrow. Let's create the future of mobile connectivity, one Hotspot at a time. Learn more at https://hellohelium.com/hotspot.