Helium Mobile Expands Coverage in New York with Boosted Locations

Helium Mobile Expands Coverage in New York with Boosted Locations

Starting today, Boosted Locations are expanding to New York City after launching in Los Angeles earlier this year.

Helium Mobile subscribers’ contributions to Discovery Mapping have helped us identify areas where coverage is needed most. Utilizing Discovery Mapping and additional footfall data, Helium Mobile Hotspot builders in the five boroughs and surrounding areas can more effectively contribute to strategic network growth and earn extra rewards. By targeting specific areas in need of coverage, the New York Builder community can help accelerate Helium Network growth and improve connectivity for residents and local businesses within their communities.

Why Boosted Locations Matter

Boosting locations in targeted areas help individuals and businesses deploy Helium Mobile Hotspots in key areas where coverage would most benefit subscribers, expanding network coverage and improving connectivity for everyone in the city.

In the Helium Network, coverage areas are represented by hexagons ("hexes"). Hexes allow for greater precision when mapping out the network. Boosted hexes are in locations where additional coverage is likely to have the greatest impact for network users. You can see which specific areas have already been boosted and upcoming, planned boosts by checking the Helium Mobile Coverage Planner. For more Coverage Planner info, check here.

Where Are Locations Being Boosted?

Builders may have already seen planned Boosted Locations, made up of groups of multiple boosted hexes, on the Coverage Planner within highly-trafficked areas of the city. More Boosted Locations are planned to roll out in the coming weeks. 

From Harlem to Soho, Bed-Stuy to the Bronx, Boosted Locations will be popping up all over in the vicinity of some of New York’s most popular places. Some future areas for Boosted Locations may include: 

  • New York Public Library
  • Prospect Park
  • New York University
  • Laguardia Airport
  • Rockefeller Center

Planning Your Next Deployment

Now is an excellent time to help build the Helium Network in New York. Indoor and outdoor versions of the Helium Mobile Hotspot are available for purchase, offering a simple and affordable way for anyone to add coverage to the Helium Network.

If you're just getting started, here are a few deployment considerations for new placements:

For more detailed tips and to take advantage of deploying in Boosted Locations, check out the Helium Mobile Coverage Planner.

Using the Coverage Planner

In addition to showing current and planned Boosted Locations, the Coverage Planner also displays the estimated signal strength and potential rewards for specific equipment and deployment locations, taking into account factors like placement parameters (height and direction), terrain, and other physical obstructions. The planning tool has limitations in calculating potential rewards for the coverage and is simply an estimation

New York City deployers can find current and planned Boosted Locations within the newly updated Coverage Planner.