Helium Mobile Launches Tech Stack Licensing Program for Device Manufacturers

Helium Mobile Launches Tech Stack Licensing Program for Device Manufacturers
Helium Mobile Technology Licensing Program
  • MNTD. is the first device manufacturer with Helium Mobile inside
  • Tech Stack enables manufacturers to access trusted technology, app & support
  • Tech Stack licensing program will expand the Helium Network, broadening access to community-powered connectivity and affordable wireless service 

Los Angeles, CA – June 18, 2024 – Today, Helium Mobile, a leader in decentralized wireless connectivity, launched its tech stack licensing program for device manufacturers. This is a significant milestone in Helium Mobile’s mission to transform the $3.1T global wireless network infrastructure industry. By fostering a collaborative ecosystem where third-party device manufacturers can easily enter the market, Helium Mobile is accelerating an infrastructure changeover that enables real people to build their network and be rewarded for their work.  

“Licensing the Helium Mobile tech stack is a pivotal step in our mission to deliver accessible and cost-effective wireless connectivity to communities across the US and around the world,” said Amir Haleem, CEO at Helium Mobile / Nova Labs. “We believe that access to the internet is a basic human right, and for many people that access is through a smartphone. Enabling other manufacturers to leverage our technology will help accelerate a global wireless infrastructure revolution. This initiative is about empowering individuals and communities, driving progress, and building a more connected world.”

  • Save Time: Leveraging Helium Mobile’s tech stack provides device manufacturers an expedited path to integrate advanced, decentralized connectivity solutions. In a deeply competitive environment, this enables manufacturers to focus on their core competencies without the distraction of navigating the Web3 tech environment. 
  • Security: The OpenRoaming compatible tech stack incorporates robust security features including TrustZone, Secure Boot, and Full Disk Encryption 
  • Trusted Partnership: With support and customer facing management tools, license holders can gain a competitive edge in a fast-paced market. By integrating Helium Mobile’s tech stack, device manufacturers can confidently enter the decentralized field with a partner committed to ushering in the new era of connectivity.
  • Firmware Integration and Updates: Manufacturers will have access to the robust firmware that powers Helium Mobile Hotspots. This includes continuous updates to ensure optimal performance and security, keeping devices at the cutting edge of technology.
  • Helium Mobile Builder App Compatibility: The licensing package includes integration with the Helium Mobile Builder App, allowing end-customers to onboard and manage their hardware seamlessly. The user-friendly Builder app makes it easy for new devices to connect to the Helium Network.
  • Hotspot Dashboard Management:  End-customers will have access to the Helium Mobile Hotspot Dashboard, providing real-time management and monitoring capabilities. This dashboard offers comprehensive insights and control over the devices, ensuring network reliability and efficiency.
  • Support: End-customers will have access to Helium Mobile’s customer support team, providing best-in-class support from the team that knows the Hotspot technology inside and out.

Manufacturers interested in participating can email [email protected] to set up an initial consultation and learn more about the process. Helium Mobile will offer comprehensive support to ensure a smooth integration of the tech stack and seamless production of Helium-compatible hotspots. 

For more information about Helium Mobile and its innovative solutions, please visit hellohelium.com

About Helium Mobile

Helium Mobile is a wireless phone provider, powered by the Helium Network, on a mission to create a world with continuous connectivity that is built and run by the people that use it — and priced so they can afford it. Helium Mobile subscribers and Hotspot deployers are equal parts of a community network that creates dynamic wireless coverage with affordable talk, text, and data. Helium Mobile prioritizes data security and privacy because that is what our community wants.

Subscribers who enable Discovery Mapping share location data anonymously and are rewarded for how that data informs the building of a better network. Deployers manage Helium Mobile Hotspots to build more network coverage and earn rewards for hosting these devices and supporting network transactions. To learn more about Helium Mobile, visit hellohelium.com