A Sweet Deal: Hotspots + Hot Pies Available Nationwide 🥧

You can now purchase a Helium Mobile Hotspot from anywhere in the US, and get a hot pie with it.

A Sweet Deal: Hotspots + Hot Pies Available Nationwide 🥧

Today we’re excited to kick off the launch of Helium Mobile Hotspots nationwide. Yes, you heard right. You can now purchase a Helium Mobile Hotspot from anywhere in the US. 

Hotspot availability for all of the US helps enable us to launch a nationwide $20 Helium Mobile Unlimited Plan for those outside of our target counties (Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach) in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

And that’s not all…

For a limited time only, we're sweetening the deal. As the community continues to build the Helium Mobile Network, we're showing our gratitude with a FREE hot pie. Place an order for a Helium Mobile Hotspot by November 14th and that pie is yours to bring home to your family, friends, crazy uncle, and loved ones this Thanksgiving.

Here’s what you have to do...

Use the promo code HOTPIE at checkout when you purchase a Helium Mobile Hotspot to be eligible for your complimentary pie.

After ordering your Helium Mobile Hotspot, you will receive a separate email this week with instructions on how to claim your Three Babes Bakeshop pie. To ensure your pie arrives in time for Thanksgiving, claim your pie by November 14th at the latest! 

Hotspots and hot pies are limited, so make sure to take advantage of the deal while supplies last. You’ll be the holiday hero, the dessert lover’s darling, and most importantly, you’ll be joining an amazing community that is on a mission to change the future of mobile together.

*Promo ends on November 14th at 11:59pm PT. Only 1 pie can be claimed per customer order and you must use the same e-mail address as your Hotspot order to claim your pie.

Questions? We got answers.

How do I claim my pie?

You will get a separate email with instructions this week on how to claim your free pie! Pie orders must be in by November 14th at 11:59pm PT to receive your pie in time for Thanksgiving. Please use the same email address you used to order your Hotspot when you claim your pie.

Can I order multiple pies if I ordered multiple Helium Mobile Hotspots?

Pie orders are limited to 1 per customer. This means with each order, whether it's for 1, 20 or more hotspots, you will receive 1 pie.

Why are you selling nationwide? You only have phone plans available in select Florida counties. 

Miami is our pilot launch city, and we’ve already expanded to neighboring counties. Opening up Hotspot sales nationally helps enable us to launch the nationwide $20 Helium Mobile Unlimited Plan. This is happening in the coming weeks. Be the first to know when it’s available by signing up for the waitlist here.

Will the $5 Unlimited Plan still be available in Miami?

Yes. If you are in our target counties (Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Springs), there is no change to your $5/month Unlimited Plan price.

Why is the nationwide price different than in Miami?

Miami was chosen as our launch city with an incentivized plan to support the pilot program. As we expand outside of Miami, we remain committed to our vision of more affordable wireless services for all by offering the lowest price unlimited plan on the market.

Will Helium Mobile Hotspots be available nationwide after this promo?

Yes. This promo is the kickoff for Helium Mobile Hotspots being available nationwide. Once the promo ends, you will still be able to order Helium Mobile Hotspots if you live in the US. You just won’t get that sweet sweet pie 😉.

Will there be boosted locations nationwide?

We anticipate there will be nationwide boosted locations as the community continues to identify strategic areas for growth. However, in the near term, we expect the majority of boosted locations to remain concentrated around strategic launch cities (i.e. Miami).

I’m going to my family’s place for Thanksgiving. Can I ship my hot pies to a different location than my Helium Mobile Hotspot?

Yep! Just enter the address you want your pie to be shipped to when you claim it on the Three Babes Bakeshop website.

Can pies be shipped outside of the US?

No. Pies can only be shipped within the continental US.

Where should I deploy my brand new Helium Mobile Hotspot?

The best place to install your Helium Mobile Hotspot would be a location where you expect the most density of people and foot traffic. Also, note that installing your Helium Mobile Hotspot as high up as possible significantly increases the range and reduces the potential for obstructions.