Mapper Rewards and You. TLDR: HIP79.

Mapper Rewards and You. TLDR: HIP79.

Helium Improvement Proposal (HIP) 79 - Mobile PoC - Mappers Rewards is a newly-introduced proposal by the Helium community to establish various pieces of the mapping incentive system for the Helium Mobile Network. Below is a brief summary of the HIP for Helium Mobile subscribers and network builders.

Main takeaway

If adopted, HIP 79 will enable Helium Mobile subscribers (or any future subscribers) to earn MOBILE tokens simply by using their mobile device and sharing their location. The pool of rewards designated for mapping activity would increase from 10% to 20% of total MOBILE.

What is HIP 79?

  • HIP 79 proposes a framework for providing MOBILE tokens for various types of mapping activity on the Helium Mobile Network.
  • MOBILE tokens would be distributed according to the amount of reward points earned. Reward points would be earned in different amounts based on completion of different mapping tasks.
  • Discovery Mapping involves subscribers sharing location information from their smartphone to the service provider to identify new coverage opportunities.
  • Verification Mapping validates coverage provided by wireless coverage equipment (CBRS radios and WiFi hotspots) to help prevent gaming and ensure fair distribution of rewards to deployers.
  • HIP 79 revises the rewards allotment outlined in HIP 53, increasing the MOBILE rewards allotment for Mappers (those performing mapping activity on the Helium Mobile Network) from 10% to 20% and decreasing the MOBILE rewards allotment for Service Providers from 20% to 10% of total MOBILE.

What’s the intended outcome of HIP 79?

If passed, HIP 79 would allow subscribers to take a more active role in building out the Helium Mobile Network, increase motivation to participate, and provide more guidance for radio deployers on where to install equipment.

Enable subscribers to take an active role in the continued growth of the Helium Mobile Network.

  • HIP 79 would enhance the role of subscribers in promoting efficient growth of the network by identifying locations where coverage may be needed. Subscribers would earn rewards in MOBILE for helping to grow the network.

Increased motivation to participate in mapping the Helium Mobile Network.

  • HIP 79 would double the MOBILE rewards bucket for Mappers from 10% to 20%, which should attract more mapping activity, leading to more robust and reliable coverage.

More precise guidance on where to effectively deploy wireless coverage.

  • Mapping enables more efficient growth of the Helium Mobile Network by identifying coverage opportunities and enabling a more accurately modeled coverage depiction of the Helium Mobile Network. To date, there has not been clear guidance for radio and hotspot owners on where to deploy their devices to achieve optimal coverage. HIP 79 aims to lay the foundation for clear guidance around optimal device deployment.

What does this mean for me?

For subscribers:

  • With their compatible mobile phone, subscribers would have the ability to earn Discovery Mapping rewards simply by opting into a location sharing setting in the Helium Mobile app. Subscribers who continuously share their location would earn 30 reward points per 24-hour rewards cycle.

For radio and hotspot deployers:

  • More complete mapping data would allow device owners to identify where to deploy radios and hotspots to maximize useful coverage for the network. Details around rewards eligibility, amounts, and limits will be outlined in future HIPs.

For dedicated mappers:

  • Those performing Verification Mapping would earn MOBILE tokens for validating coverage from an increased allotment of 20% (up from 10%) of all MOBILE. The rewards framework is more complex for Verification Mapping:

The rewards framework is more complex for Verification Mapping:

  • Each modeled coverage res12 hex "charges up" by accumulating one reward point per hour to a maximum of 168 hours (7 days).
  • A Mapper completes verification of the hex by attempting to connect to a radio inside a mapped hex and reporting success/failure with a timestamp and GPS location.
  • The Helium Mobile Network rewards successful verification of a hex by emitting the accumulated reward points to the verifying Mapper.
  • Verification of a hex resets, or "discharges," the hex to zero reward points and reduces the reward points of all adjacent hexes by 50% to prevent unnecessary remapping of the same hex repeatedly.
  • A maximum of 672 points can be earned by a single Mapper to verify the same radio during any 7-day period.

How can I help?

  • Vote on HIP 79.
  • Keep an eye out for updates via Twitter, Discord, and email.

Where can I find more information?

To take a deep dive into this and other HIPs, consult these resources:


  • Discovery Mapping: a form of Proof-of-Coverage that identifies ideal locations for Helium Mobile coverage where it does not already exist.
  • Hex: the underlying representation, in grid form, of geographical area on the Helium Mobile Network.
  • Mappers: anyone participating in either Discovery or Verification Mapping of the Helium Mobile Network.
  • Proof of Coverage (PoC): a work algorithm that verifies on an ongoing basis that Hotspots are honestly representing their location and wireless network coverage they are creating from that location.
  • Reward Points: earned by completing Mapping tasks on the Helium Mobile Network. MOBILE tokens are distributed proportionally to the number of reward points earned.
  • Service Provider: an entity approved by the Helium Community that sells wireless connectivity for data and telephone activities to subscribers.
  • Verification Mapping: a form of Proof-of-Coverage that verifies the location of radios by seeing when and where compatible mobile devices connect to the Helium Mobile Network.