Unlocking the Potential of Helium Mobile Builders

Builders are the driving force behind the Helium Mobile revolution. Your dedication and hard work are not only shaping the future of mobile communication, but also paving the way for a decentralized, community-powered network.

Time to Mobilize

Empowering Builders, Empowering Connectivity 

In just a matter of months since launching nationwide in December 2023, the number of Helium Mobile subscribers has skyrocketed, becoming one of the fastest-growing new mobile carriers in the US, with over 70,000 subscribers.

Your contributions as Builders are invaluable. By deploying wireless equipment, whether in your own locations or through strategic partnerships, you are not only providing mobile coverage to subscribers but also growing the network, one Hotspot at a time.

Joining Forces for Growth

But the journey doesn't end there. We've listened closely to your feedback, and it's clear: you want to do more. You want to spread the word, attract more subscribers, and broaden the impact of the Helium Mobile community. And that's where the Helium Mobile Builder Affiliate Program comes into play.

Introducing the Builder Affiliate Program

Designed exclusively for members of the Helium Community who have purchased and deployed Helium Mobile Hotspots in the United States, the Builder Affiliate Program is your gateway to greater rewards and deeper involvement in our mission.

Why Join?

By participating in the Builder Affiliate Program, you not only earn rewards for your efforts in expanding our subscriber base, but also gain access to exclusive updates and opportunities to shape the future of the program.

In addition, as part of the program Builders can also earn fees for commercial opportunities shared with Nova Labs (for example a company wants to purchase employee phone plans).

We value your input and are committed to working closely with you to ensure mutual success.

How to Get Started

Getting involved is simple. Just fill out our application form here and our team will review. If approved, simply complete the necessary docs (W-9, vendor onboarding, and partner agreement) and you’re on your way. 

Thank You for Building with Us

To all the Builders out there, we extend our deepest gratitude for your unwavering dedication and commitment to the Helium Mobile community. Together, we're not just building a network – we're building a movement. Keep up the incredible work, and let's continue to push the boundaries of what's possible, one Hotspot at a time.