Your Carrier. Your Way.

Helium Mobile gives you the flexibility to decide how and when you switch carriers.

Your Carrier. Your Way.

We keep saying it because it’s true; the future of mobile is you. That’s why Helium Mobile delivers incredible flexibility when switching carriers.

To build the best carrier we started by listening, and you’ve consistently told us switching carriers is a big commitment and frankly, scary. Many of you described the anxiety surrounding giving up a grandfathered rate, especially with the unknowns related to a new carrier including coverage, reliability, and possible hidden fees. This anxiety gets magnified when others rely on you to make that decision. While some services may offer weeklong trials, new subscribers may be pushed to completely switch and hope for the best.

To ensure you can rely on Helium Mobile with full confidence we’re offering a choice: anyone can subscribe and experience Helium Mobile’s unlimited data services while still keeping their existing carrier. This flexibility allows subscribers to experience the benefits of Helium Mobile’s dynamic coverage, rewards, and privacy without leaving your existing carrier until you’re ready and on your terms.

When you are ready to fully switch, simply add voice and text from your account at no extra cost, with no regrets.

To enable subscriber flexibility with respect to switching, a unique approach was needed. Helium Mobile’s core architecture was designed from the ground up to keep voice and text separate from data services.

This new design allows subscribers to experience the exciting and innovative benefits of Helium Mobile, such as earning rewards through mapping and enhanced privacy, before fully committing.

Helium Mobile is focused on delivering the future of mobile the way YOU envision it. When it comes to being a Helium Mobile user, you have the flexibility to proceed at your own pace so you can feel confident in your choice every step of the way.