Deploy in Boosted Locations. Strengthen the Network. Earn Extra Rewards.

Boosted Locations are live! Learn more about how your next deployment can be eligible to earn extra rewards.

Deploy in Boosted Locations

Helium Mobile is the first carrier to introduce Dynamic Coverage, where individuals can earn rewards when they provide mobile connectivity for others. And with Helium Mobile Hotspot now available, creating coverage is easier than ever.

But how do you know where your deployment can make the most impact, and why should you deploy there instead of other locations?

Boosted Locations are areas where additional coverage is likely to add the most value to Helium Mobile subscribers. Deployments in Boosted Locations are eligible to earn extra rewards. You can check out Boosted Locations in the Helium Mobile Coverage Planner.

If you’ve been following along, you might remember that Recommended Locations were introduced earlier this year to guide new deployments, but without extra rewards. All of the Recommended Locations have now been upgraded to Boosted Locations. 

Importance of Boosted Locations

While coverage from our network partner gives subscribers nationwide coverage, data that’s transferred through the Helium Mobile Network (AKA people-built coverage) costs a fraction of what it costs to send through our partner’s network.

By helping build out the Helium Mobile Network in areas where there’s increased usage from Helium Mobile subscribers, the Miami pilot $5 plan becomes more sustainable and the rewards for data transfer go back to individual builders.

Choosing Boosted Locations

All Boosted Locations are currently in high-traffic areas within select Florida counties. More Boosted Locations will be added based on data from Discovery Mapping.

Discovery Mapping is a location-sharing program for Helium Mobile subscribers that helps identify areas where additional coverage will have the greatest impact to the Helium Mobile Network. Subscribers earn rewards by participating in Discovery Mapping while going about their daily routine, and builders are incentivized to provide coverage in areas highly frequented by Helium Mobile subscribers.

Planning your next deployment

There’s never been a better time to begin or continue contributing to building the Helium Mobile Network. The indoor version of the Helium Mobile Hotspot is now available for purchase in select Florida counties, offering a simple and affordable way for anyone to add coverage to the Helium Mobile Network. Here's a few deployment considerations for all new placements: 

For more detailed planning tips and to take advantage of deploying in Boosted Locations, check out the Helium Mobile Coverage Planner for your next deployments.

In addition to seeing Boosted Locations, the Coverage Planner also shows the estimated signal strength and potential rewards for deployment locations, taking into account a number of factors including antenna directionality, radio placement,  terrain and other physical obstructions data.

The Boosted Locations indicated below are based on data from Discovery Mapping, and additional Boosted Locations will continue to be added as more data becomes available. 

  1. East end of Lincoln Road walking mall
  2. Artem Wynwood Apartments Pool Area
  3. VIP South Beach Club + McDonalds 1 block north
  4. Ross Dress for Less in South Beach on A1A
  5. Centner Middle/High School
  6. BoHo House Restaurant
  7. Third Street Metromover Station
  8. Lowes in Hialeah
  9. SOBE Sculpture
  10. Pool Area at Chart House Apartments

For builders interested in bulk pricing for Helium Mobile Hotspots, please reach out to [email protected].


Will Boosted Locations be updated in the coming months?

The primary changes being made to Boosted Locations are outlined in HIP 84, including programmatic boosting. The amount of extra rewards that a deployment may be eligible to receive may be impacted when HIP 84 is fully implemented.

Updates from HIP 74 and HIP 93 are also in the process of being implemented, where only the five most senior mobile hotspots with the strongest signal will be eligible to earn rewards in a given hex.

What are hexes and how do they fit into Boosted Locations?

Helium Mobile Network coverage areas are represented by small hexes, about the size of a single residential plot. Most Boosted Locations are comprised of multiple boosted hexes. You can see which hexes are boosted and which hexes already have coverage in the Helium Mobile Coverage Planner.