Discover Helium Mobile Hotspot: Network Building, Simplified

Meet the Helium Mobile Hotspot, a revolutionary device that creates coverage for Helium Mobile subscribers. Available to deploy in select Florida counties.

Discover Helium Mobile Hotspot: Network Building, Simplified

The Helium Mobile Network represents a new approach to building a wireless network that enables individuals to deploy transformative mobile equipment and have an opportunity to earn MOBILE rewards.

Today, we are thrilled to launch a revolutionary piece of hardware – the Helium Mobile Hotspot.

Network building, simplified

The Helium Mobile Hotspot eliminates technical complexity and lowers the cost to get started as a builder, which means both existing and new members of the builder community can easily dive in and contribute to building the network. Not only is the Helium Mobile Hotspot much simpler to deploy than any previous Helium Mobile Network equipment, it's also much more affordable.

This initial version is designed for key indoor venues like retail and shopping locations, food and beverage establishments, workspaces, and others. It is NOT intended to be deployed in homes in residential areas (see the detailed examples in Questions section).

With this release, the Helium Mobile Hotspot uses Wi-Fi technology to exclusively create coverage for Helium Mobile subscribers (smartphones only, no laptops or tablets). Because Wi-Fi technology has a shorter range than traditional cellular equipment, this means a high density of Helium Mobile Hotspot deployments is needed to help ensure sufficient data is transferred through the Helium Network.

Although disabled at launch, the Helium Mobile Hotspot also has the built-in capability to provide secure Wi-Fi coverage similar to a traditional Wi-Fi access point. This capability may be enabled in the future.

Why the Helium Mobile Hotspot is critical

For years, deploying mobile infrastructure has been a challenge - requiring professional-grade equipment and either navigating the technically involved set-up process or working with installers. These challenges created a bottleneck that has historically limited the growth potential of the Helium Mobile Network.

The Helium Mobile Network isn't just about connectivity; it's about bringing affordability to mobile plans, redefining the mobile carrier space, and handing the power back to the people. This people-built network can be used by service providers, such as Helium Mobile, to offer affordable plan prices by passing on the data transfer cost savings directly to their users.

But for all this to be possible, providing coverage should be an easy option for everyone.

Beyond the hardware

The Helium Mobile Hotspot is more than just a technically advanced piece of hardware. It's a testament to empowerment through participation. With this device, we're not merely presenting an opportunity to help build a network; we're extending an invitation to participate in a greater project to reshape mobile connectivity. It's about democratizing the process and recognizing that each participant has the potential to reshape the way we think about telecommunications.

How can YOU participate?

To the builders, innovators, and visionaries out there - the Helium Mobile Hotspot awaits. Let’s redefine the mobile landscape together.

Starting today, Helium Mobile Hotspot can be purchased for $249 here.

To learn more about the Helium Mobile Hotspot, including detailed product specs and recommendations for deployment, visit the product page here.

Join the movement. The future of mobile is you!


Can I deploy the Helium Mobile Hotspot in my home?
The Helium Mobile Hotspot is designed for public, high traffic areas like coffee shops, small businesses, etc. It is NOT intended to be deployed in homes or residential areas.

Is Nova Labs distributing the tokens to my Helium Mobile Hotspot?
No. Nova Labs does not distribute tokens to hotspot deployers. The open source Helium Network protocol distributes tokens based on how the community votes. See HIP 93 for more information regarding how hotspots are rewarded.

Is the Helium Mobile Hotspot similar to traditional cellular mobile hotspots?
Traditional mobile hotspots are primarily used to share your cellular service with other devices. The Helium Mobile Hotspot is a different product that helps extend mobile wireless coverage for Helium Mobile subscribers.

Is the Helium Mobile Hotspot available for purchase outside of the US?
No, currently we are only focused on the US, but stay tuned.

Who can purchase a Helium Mobile Hotspot?
Anyone in the US can purchase a Helium Mobile Hotspot.

It is strongly recommended to deploy Helium Mobile Hotspots to locations (found here) that will maximize contributions to the Helium Mobile Network by transferring the most Helium Mobile subscriber data. Also, deployments in these locations will potentially earn extra rewards in the future.

Can I get a discount if I purchase a large quantity?
To receive benefits such as discounts on bulk hardware purchases, please reach out to [email protected].

Will this device also provide normal Wi-Fi coverage? Coverage for sensors connected to Helium IoT Network?
The Helium Mobile Hotspot uses Wi-Fi technology to provide coverage for Helium Mobile subscribers and does not provide coverage for devices on the Helium IoT network.

Although disabled at launch, the Helium Mobile Hotspot also has the built-in capability to provide secure Wi-Fi coverage similar to a traditional Wi-Fi access point. This capability may be enabled in the future.

If I deploy Helium Mobile Hotspots what tokens can I earn?
Helium Mobile Network service providers, including Nova Labs, do not issue rewards to Helium Mobile Hotspot operators. The Helium Mobile Network rewards Helium Mobile Hotspot owners with MOBILE tokens in exchange for providing coverage and data transfer. For more information, please visit the Helium Community open source repository here.

Does Helium Mobile Hotspot support Power over Ethernet?
Yes! Power over Ethernet is fully supported.

How fast does my internet connection need to be to optimize coverage and experience for mobile users?
We recommend a minimum speed of 220 Mbps downlink and 12 Mbps uplink. The Helium Mobile Hotspot must be plugged into a wired Ethernet internet connection capable of these speeds. Lower throughputs will negatively affect the performance for users and potentially impact coverage rewards.

What’s the range of coverage for these devices?
It depends on the physical environment which surrounds the device, but when testing, the range is up to 150 feet indoors and approximately 3305 square feet.

Since this version is designed for indoor locations only, what are examples of deployment locations?
The goal is to deploy the Helium Mobile Hotspot in areas where subscribers frequently gather and the routes used to get to and from these locations. Although not an exhaustive list, some examples include:

  • Retail & Shopping: Shopping Malls, Supermarkets & Grocery Stores
  • Food & Beverage Establishments: Restaurants & Eateries, Cafes & Coffee Shops
  • Accommodations: Hotels & Lodges
  • Wellness & Fitness: Fitness Centers & Gyms, Salons & Spas
  • Educational Institutions: Public Libraries, University & College Campuses
  • Workspaces: Office Buildings, Co-working Spaces
  • Transport & Travel: Transport Hubs (bus stations, train stations, airport lounges)
  • Medical Establishments: Hospitals & Clinics
  • Cultural & Recreational Spaces: Cultural Centers (museums, art galleries, theaters), Recreation Centers (bowling alleys, indoor arcades)

Will there also be an outdoor version? External connectors? Support for Wi-Fi 6E, Wi-Fi 7?
For future versions check the roadmap blog here.

How do subscribers use coverage provided by Helium Mobile Hotspots?
Helium Mobile users just need to install the Helium Mobile app, download a Wi-Fi profile from the app, and make sure Wi-Fi on their phone is turned on.

What happens if the internet connection for the Helium Mobile Hotspot is slow?
Slow internet connections will negatively affect the experience for Helium Mobile users and potentially impact the amount of coverage you are providing.

What if I need technical support? Who do I go to?
Technical support can be found here.